Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense:

Being formally accused of a crime is devastating to most people.  In today’s computer age, a criminal conviction can follow someone forever.  It can adversely affect your career opportunities, housing, citizenship and other important rights.  It is vital to have an experienced trial attorney by your side.  With over eighteen years of trial experience, Mr. Allen has handled virtually every type of case.  His superior knowledge of police investigation techniques, trial strategies, and evidence rules prove tremendously beneficial in protecting his clients’ important rights.  Whether accused of a misdemeanor or felony, it is imperative that you seek the most effective representation available to protect your rights and your future.


Mr. Allen has litigated thousands of DUI cases in his eighteen years as a trial attorney. He is highly experienced with respect to the technical and complex issues regarding these serious cases. He will work tirelessly to evaluate every potential challenge to the police investigation and evidence gathering, and to the scientific evidence, including breath and blood testing.  In addition to the criminal penalties, drivers also face significant administrative licensing penalties in separate civil proceedings brought by the Washington State Department of Licensing.  Mr. Allen understands the importance of these consequences to his clients, and vigorously defends against these license suspension actions.

Driver Licensing:

Mr. Allen has a comprehensive knowledge of issues relating to drivers licensing in the State of Washington. He has been successful in helping clients effectively navigate the maze of Department of Licensing requirements to preserve or reclaim their driving privilege. Whether your license suspension results from a conviction, unpaid tickets, a traffic accident, cancelled insurance or substance abuse issue, he can work with you to explore all your legal options to preserve or reinstate your driving privilege.

Representing injured individuals:

Over the past seven years, Mr. Allen has achieved highly successful results for individuals injured through no fault of their own, primarily in automobile collisions.  His background in traffic and injury litigation has allowed him to develop a successful practice in seeking favorable awards and settlements for injury victims.  Insurance companies most certainly enlist the help of their lawyers to minimize their pay outs. You need an advocate on your side, one who has experience dealing with the insurance industry.  Mr. Allen has been an instructor for the Puget Sound Special Investigators, an investigative body for the insurance industry.  At their request, he lectured at their annual Insurance Fraud Training Seminar on issues surrounding the successful prosecution of insurance fraud cases.

Clearing Criminal Records:

As mentioned above, criminal records can follow someone forever in today’s information age.  Mr. Allen holds a comprehensive knowledge of the manner in which public records are maintained by the courts and various law enforcement agencies.  He can work with you to explore your options to minimize the damaging effects these records can have with respect to your career, housing, public benefits and your future. 

General Legal Questions:

In addition to these areas of practice, Mr. Allen also represents individuals in many other capacities.  In the event Mr. Allen feels your case requires expertise outside of his own, he can often assist you in finding an attorney better suited to your specific legal needs.

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